Crestview has dedicated staff to ensure spiritual growth, care, fellowship and meaningful worship. Starting with the back row and moving left to right are: Pastor Mark Quist, Michelle Cuthbertson director of children’s ministries, Jeff Widenhofer director of worship, Debbie Ash director of facilities and grounds, Cat Russell information manager and, and Jackie LaMaire director of youth ministry. Read more about them and their testimonies in their personal Bios here.

Banner image of Pastor Mark and his wife Deone.

Pastor Mark Quist

Welcome to Crestview Church! I am stoked to be in Colorado again enjoying the great outdoors while engaging the job I love. Pastoring has been my primary work for the past 15 years. I have also enjoyed working as a Physical Therapist from time to time over the years. Deone, my wife, and I celebrated…

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Children’s Ministry

Michelle rejoins Crestview staff after leaving Crestview’s children in capable hands for the past 6 years. She’s reprising the role that shaped and inspired her way of living and working in the world, where she is also a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Spiritual Director. Michelle’s greatest joy is the Presence of God, and the practice…

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Youth Ministry

Jackie LaMaire’s passion for ministry stems from her desire to share God’s love, and the energy and smiles of youth. My childhood church was small in numbers but big in heart. On Sunday mornings, I would sing songs and listen to sermons while eating peppermint candies and drawing…

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Banner image of Crestview Church on a beautiful Fall day.

Facilities and Grounds

Debbie Ash Director of Facilities My job at Crestview is to keep the building and grounds clean and in good working order. I began attending Crestview in 1981 and my job at the church has evolved for 35 years. During the recent remodel of the parsonage I was the on-site coordinator for the various contractors…

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Banner image of a computer, mouse and keypad.

Information and Communication

Cat Russell loves to creatively combine science and art, analysis and natural beauty into a format that communicates to people in a captivating way. For me, I’m inspired and motivated when information is not only disseminated efficiently and clearly, but is visually beautiful as well. It’s how I personally connect with people and the world. I met…

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