Director of Information, Communications and Prayer: Cat Russell

Cat Russell loves to creatively combine science and art, analysis and natural beauty into a format that communicates to people in a captivating way.

For me, I’m inspired and motivated when information is not only disseminated efficiently and clearly, but is visually beautiful as well. It’s how I personally connect with people and the world.

I met Mark in 2016 when he was just coming on board as senior pastor at Crestview church, and mentioned how I would like to see the legacy online Crestview newsletter spruced up a bit. In typical fashion of pastor Mark, he met this side remark with whole-hearted enthusiasm that culminated into a part-time position at Crestview, to oversee their media communications. What a joy this has been from the start! Crestview is grounded in both their building Christ-centered relationships with people, as well as their technologically advanced methods of communication. I have learned appreciably since starting this position while enveloped by a welcoming staff. I sense that all we do we do as a team, to honor people and glorify God as we participate together in the building of His eternal kingdom.

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Cat Russell had a former career at NOAA in Boulder, and currently owns her own digital multimedia company, Spike Productions, in Lyons, CO. She has an advanced degree in Physical Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She currently lives with her husband Ed, 2 burros, 4 goats and various birds in Lyons, CO where she enjoys goat walking and adventures out-of-doors.