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Sat, Dec 1: Crestview Christmas Decorating, 1 – 3 pm

ūüéĄChristmas Decoration SetupūüéĄ

We are planning to have a team of people at church this Saturday, December 1st, from 1-3pm for decorating of the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall.  Come one, come all!  Join us and we will have some different jobs for you to participate in. And then come back for our Hike to the Star at 5:30pm!
See you then!

Pastor Mark

Sat, Dec 1: Annual Hike to the Star, Rendezvous at Crestview, 5:30 pm

Sun, Dec 2: Dinner for 8 sign up begins for groups meeting January – April, 2019

Dinner for 8 – PLUS A NEW TWIST!

In addition to our Traditional Dinner-for-8, we’re introducing a new twist Рa Neighboring Dinner-for-8.

Traditional:  Groups of ~8 adults OR ~3 Whole Families meet for dinner once-a-month for 4 months.  Hosting of the dinner rotates among the group, and everyone brings food to lessen the load on the hosting family.  Think of this as a social small group where you get to know others better within Crestview.

Neighboring:  Groups of 2 (adults or families) sign up together with the intent to fill the rest of their table with neighbors.   Each Crestview adult/family hosts once and is responsible for inviting others to complete their table, as well as assigning who brings what (neighbors also bring food).  Each Neighboring team meets twice during the 4 months.

Sign-up is available until December 30.  Groups meet January РApril 2019.  Sign-up on the back hutch or you can contact Muffie VanAndel (303) 444-7036 or

Wed, Dec 12: Women’s Daybreak Christmas party, 9:30 am, All women welcome!


Sun, Dec 16: Service Christmas Pageant and Communion

Sun, Dec 23: Harp and Flute prelude music before the service, 9:20 am

With Rachel Fowler on harp, Cille Lutsch and Cat Russell on flute

Mon, Dec 24: Christmas Eve Service at Crestview, 5:30 pm


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts! Yes, You Have Them!

In Sunday’s message I mentioned several different survey/tests that are helpful in identifying personality types, strengths, spiritual gifts and skill sets.¬† Here are some links you can try.¬† Search the web for yourself and you may find some other versions that work well too, dive in:

Links for tests:

Once you get your results, lets talk about it!

Pastor Mark