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Crestview worship service is now indoors. Our COVID-19 ministry team has been actively working on implementing proper protocol for safely shifting to indoor worship.

We welcome you to join our gatherings on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Please note that as of November 13, 2020 Boulder County moves to a code red Covid-19 safety restriction. In- person Sunday gatherings at Crestview must be limited to 50 people. This means attendees must also make a reservation to attend in person. Thank you!

Service reservations can be made here.

Please read the current COVID-19 safety requirements for indoor worship here.

Read the Boulder County Guidelines here.


Check out Pastor Mark’s Video Reflections during this time here!

Check out Crestview’s Worship Center for virtual services here!

Check out Crestview’s Home page for more information about contacting us for prayer or benevolence assistance.

Check out the Contact Us page to reach out to Pastor Mark and staff.

Check out Pastor Mark’s Sunday audio messages here.

Days of Prayer at Crestview: Tuesdays from Dec 15-Apr 6, 7am-7pm

Crestview friends and community, beginning on Tuesday, December 15th and each Tuesdayfollowing through Easter Tuesday, April 6th will be declared days of prayer.  From 7am to 7pm each Tuesday, the sanctuary will be an open space for prayer.  This weekly time and space can be utilized for quiet, private prayer time, or conversation and prayer with Pastor Mark.  Pastor Mark will be available during these hours for anyone stopping by on most weeks during this time period.  The desire is to provide a space and place for intentional prayer from Advent through Lent and Passion Week.  If you are needing or desiring a space to simply ‘be’ before God other than the spaces you have been confined to reside in during these past 10 months, this may be a safe, welcome opportunity for you.  Please enter through the side door of the sanctuary on the West side of the building between the church and the Madison House during these scheduled hours.  

Thu, Jan 28: Blood Drive at Crestview Church, 10 am – 2 pm

Make an appointment, HERE
Or Call: 303-363-2300 and reference blood drive code: 6619. Thank you!

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts! Yes, You Have Them!

Find Your Spiritual Gifts

There are several different survey/tests that are helpful in identifying personality types, strengths, spiritual gifts and skill sets.  Here are some links you can try.  Search the web for yourself and you may find some other versions that work well too, dive in: 

Links for tests:

Once you get your results, lets talk!
Pastor Mark