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Thu, Feb 7: Pub Theology Night at Espresso Vino, Lafayette, 7 pm


Pub Theology Night at the Brewing Market, Espresso Vino in Lafayette on Thursday February 7th, 7:00pm.  Our topic of discussion this time around will be Civil Religion.  Sounds like an important and hot topic for today!  Over the centuries, Christian’s have engaged in civil government matters in every country and nation.  This raises many questions for Christians in discerning how, when, and where does following Christ intersect with the role of government and the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen of a particular country.  As Christians, trouble seems to come for us when we aren’t engaged enough in civil matters (disengage) and also when following Christ/government matters become wedded to closely together.  How are we to sort this out?  Sounds like a great discussion.  See you there.

Fri, Feb 8: Winter Bike to Work Day Morning Table at Crestview, 7 – 9 am

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Sun, Feb 17: Second Offering for the Cloyd’s with Alongside Ministries International

 Fri – Sun, Apr 26-28 Men’s Moab Retreat

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Fri-Sun, Jun 21-23: Camping at Golden Gate State Park
Just getting this on your radar. Sign up will be in the spring, coming soon!

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts! Yes, You Have Them!

In Sunday’s message I mentioned several different survey/tests that are helpful in identifying personality types, strengths, spiritual gifts and skill sets.  Here are some links you can try.  Search the web for yourself and you may find some other versions that work well too, dive in:

Links for tests:

Once you get your results, lets talk about it!

Pastor Mark