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Summertime BBQs: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays starting in June

We’ll again have Summertime BBQs the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of June, July and August, 6pm every time except for June 26 which is Bike-to-Work day at 5pm.  Crestview will provide the burgers (veggie & beef), brats, hotdogs, as well as buns and condiments.  Please bring a dish to share.  Feel free to invite your neighbors and friends!

Aug 19 -22: Help Students move into CU

There are lots of opportunities to move students into their CU dorms during the week of August 19-22.  If you are interested, please let Muffie VanAndel ( know which of the following most interests you.  Feel free to select more than just one slot.

1Select date(s)/time(s): 
Mon – 8/19, 8:30-12pm
Tues -8/20, 8:30-11, 10:30-1:30pm, 11-3:30pm, 1-3:30pm, 3-5:30pm, 3-6:30pm, or 5-7:30pm
Wed – 8/21, 8:30-11, 10:30-1:30pm, 11-3:30pm, 1-3:30pm, 3-5:30pm, 3-6:30pm, or 5-7:30pm
Thurs – 8/22, 8:30-12pm.  

2.  Select where on campus:  Central Campus, Kittredge, Williams Village

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts! Yes, You Have Them!

Find Your Spiritual Gifts

There are several different survey/tests that are helpful in identifying personality types, strengths, spiritual gifts and skill sets.  Here are some links you can try.  Search the web for yourself and you may find some other versions that work well too, dive in: 

Links for tests:

Once you get your results, lets talk!
Pastor Mark