We are a community of faith glorifying God, becoming like Christ, and building God’s Kingdom. Because of God’s incredible love for us, we love one another deeply and share the hope we have in Jesus. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, we do this through: * Life-giving worship * Teaching God’s Word * Caring for one another * Serving our neighbors * Engaging our community * Sharing our resources.

Our mission is simple. Jesus made it simple when he said the greatest calling we have is to ‘love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbor.’ Easy! Well, maybe… sorta…

This sounds easy, but its really hard. This is not something that can be accomplished alone. That’s why God gave us three important gifts to help us: His Spirit (the Holy Spirit), a faith community (His church), and His Word (both written – the Bible, and living – Jesus Christ).

A couple of years ago, we did some ‘soul searching’ and came up with this Mission Statement: We are an authentic faith community engaged in glorifying God, becoming like Christ, and building the Kingdom of God.

We enter into this work that God has given us with joy. We acknowledge that we are broken people who are on a journey of God’s reclaiming and redeeming. We support one another toward this goal knowing that it can only be accomplished by God’s grace, and through faith.

We gather for weekly worship. We meet in smaller groups for study. We serve together. We seek to grow in our understanding and knowledge of God and his ways so that we will know better what God would have us do and be. Love God and love our neighbor.

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