Welcome to Crestview! There is a lot to discover about our Christian beliefs, ministry, council, activities and staff in the many tabs you can click on. We invite you to check it all out and we invite any questions you may have for us.  We strive to be an authentic community that seeks to follow Jesus Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We are committed to loving God above all and loving our neighbors well.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact anyone of us through the links on this website.  Hope to hear from you.

Banner image of Pastor Mark and his wife Deone.

Meet Our Pastor

Welcome to Crestview Church!  I am stoked to be in Colorado again enjoying the great outdoors while engaging the job I love. Pastoring has been my primary work for the past 15 years. I have also enjoyed working as a Physical Therapist from time to time over the years. Deone, my wife, and I celebrated…

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Meet Our Staff

Crestview has dedicated staff to ensure spiritual growth, care, fellowship and meaningful worship. Visit the Ministry pages for current information about Children’s, Youth, Worship and other ministries. Thank you!

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Meet our Deacons

Deacons love to walk alongside others in working through justice and mercy situations and questions in our daily life. In our church, deacons are called by God to teach us to ‘be merciful, engage in faithful stewardship of our gifts (time, talents and money), be compassionate, and be critics of waste, injustice and selfishness in…

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Meet our Elders

Elders love to walk alongside others in discipleship and prayer. At Crestview Church, elders are called by God to ‘bear up God’s people in their pain and weakness and celebrate their joys with them’ in being a Christlike example and support for others through actions and through words. Elders are also a primary support to…

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Our Mission

We are a community of faith glorifying God, becoming like Christ, and building God’s Kingdom. Because of God’s incredible love for us, we love one another deeply and share the hope we have in Jesus. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, we do this through: * Life-giving worship * Teaching God’s Word * Caring for one another * Serving our…

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Weekly Newsletter

There is no better way to get a pulse on the happenings at Crestview than to browse our on-line weekly email newsletter. Not only is it an excellent way to stay involved and to be in the know as to what is coming up next, but also it is a great archive of life at…

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Welcome to Crestview Video! Our current 2023 video series is ‘See You Sunday’ where Pastor Mark prepares us for the upcoming Sunday message. While you’re here, check out our other video series ‘Our Video Gallery‘ which is an eclectic hodgepodge of videos from Crestview and ‘Pastor Mark’s Reflections‘ where Pastor Mark communicates Hope and Biblical…

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Text of the Quarter

TQ! Text of the Quarter As a faith community we believe in the power and beauty of God’s Word to lead us in our daily lives and transform us more and more into the likeness of Jesus. One way we engage God’s Word is to commit to memory some verses of Scripture every quarter. As…

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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts! Yes, You Have Them! Find Your Spiritual Gifts There are several different survey/tests that are helpful in identifying personality types, strengths, spiritual gifts and skill sets.  Here are some links you can try.  Search the web for yourself and you may find some other versions that work well too, dive in:  Links…

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