Deacons love to walk alongside others in working through justice and mercy situations and questions in our daily life. In our church, deacons are called by God to teach us to ‘be merciful, engage in faithful stewardship of our gifts (time, talents and money), be compassionate, and be critics of waste, injustice and selfishness in our society and be sensitive counselors to the victims of such evils.”

We have five deacons at Crestview Church who seek to champion these things for our faith community: Pam Chappell, Karen Eifler, Sue Erickson: council clerk, Lucas Fowler, and David Quigley.

To contact any of the deacons, email us here at the Crestview office and indicate deacon in the subject line.

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Pam Chappell

Karen Eifler

Lucas Fowler pictured on the right with friend Danny

Pam Vanden Berg