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God’s Will/My Will: Glory (of God) – Creation

God’s Will/My Will: Glory (of God) – Creation
Psalm 8 and 19, Romans 11:33-12:2

GLORY.  The GLORY of GOD.  The beginning, the center and purpose, the end of all things. In understanding and experiencing the intersection of God’s will/our will, we begin here.  For two weeks, we will focus on GLORY – GOD’S GLORY, by looking at two towering truths of GOD revealed in CREATION and REDEMPTION.  Once we see, understand, and experience GOD’S GLORY, we respond with GLORY to GOD, GLORY to GOD, GLORY to GOD in the highest!  

Questions for Sunday: Where have you been amazed at God’s glory seen in creation?  Is there something seen, understood, experienced or known, by witnessing something God has made, that makes you marvel at it?  And a totally different kind of question: What is the ‘crowd opinion’ of God today?  If a poll were taken of all residents of Boulder, CO, ‘does God, the Creator of heaven and earth exist?  Did God author all things into existence?’  What would be the percentage between affirmative vs non-affirming?

See you Sunday – potluck day, communion day, worship day, another GLORY of GOD, all Glory to God day,
   Pastor Mark