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Smyrna: Hope in the Resurrection

This week is a Special Sunday as we celebrate the Profession of Faith and Baptism of Ashish Huffaker and Jeff Hoots.  We begin with a festive time of Worship (Recalibrating our hearts), followed by Going Deeper (cultivating wholehearted devotion in education time), and then we head off to Baseline reservoir for Baptism followed by a lunch feast hosted at the Huffaker home!  You are invited to come and celebrate with us!

Sunday’s message will dive into the message of Jesus to the church of Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-11).  Well ‘myrna Smyrna’… what’s the big deal?  Jesus’ message to Smyrna is one of resurrection power, hope, and transformation.  This church is being oppressed from all sides and Jesus message to them is ‘find hope in the resurrection.’ 

This hope is not only for the future (‘pie in the sky when we die’) but has real implications for the present.  Hope in the resurrection is pulling the full and complete future reality of resurrection into the present, the here and now.  

This gets practical real fast.  Come and check it out: Testimonies of faith, Baptisms, vigorous discussion about things that matter, a feast of food – what’s not to love?

See you soon,

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