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Palm Sunday: Triumphal Entry

Pastor Mark has currently postponed the message series: Seven Paths leading to darkness, Seven Paths leading to light. 

Palm Sunday: Triumphal EntryMatthew 21:1, Mark 11:1, Luke 19:28, John 12:12

Crestview family,
This Sunday, Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week 2020.  As we enter into this special worship week there are many things on each of our hearts and minds.  The stress and anxiety, coupled with the continual adaptation to ‘abnormal’ is tough.  There are rhythms of coping and engaging in positive constructive activities one day, only to be defeated in some way the next.  It’s been very disorienting.  

As prayers continue to be offered for one another and our world, as we each strive to love our families and neighbors well during this time, including reaching out and walking alongside others both near and far, we must have a firm foundation.    

Our faith muscles are getting a workout.  Our hope engine is looking for the right kind of fuel.  Our love expressions are tested in the home and in the neighborhood.  Our trust is being challenged.  Now is a time of juxtaposition: defined as ‘when two things are seen or placed close together with contrasting effects; the nearness of contrasting realities; the comparison of two seemingly unrelated, almost opposite ideas, placed in proximity to one another creating an intriguing effect.’

Some of us feel fine but others are sick and dying.  We know that God is Sovereign over all and yet things seem a bit out of control.  As we enter into Holy Week with Palm Sunday, we will see and experience a huge juxtaposition: Jesus enters into Jerusalem with great fanfare and ‘worship’ and ends the week being betrayed, denied, and rejected – crucified!  This juxtaposition is intentional on God’s part.  In the contrast of these two realities, the profound truth of salvation in Jesus Christ can be found.  Maybe in the juxtaposition, we too can find our part.    

May the grace and mercy, truth and joy of Jesus Christ be upon you,
Engaged in life together with you,

Pastor Mark  

Here is this week’s video reflection/meditation:

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