Director of Children’s Ministry Michell Cuthbertson


Michelle may not need much introduction since she has been a part of Crestview Church for some time and served before in this position in years past.  Michelle’s expertise and passion for nurturing children will be a good fit for Crestview Church.  She is excited and ready to roll in this new role for Crestview.  Rob (husband) and Michelle have two grown children – Sam and Nora.

Notice: Children’s Ministry Has Moved online until further notice.
Crestview Children’s Ministry is on summer break! While services remain remote, Michelle is available to support kids and families in their home-based spiritual formation. She would love to check in and visit with families and kids online, by phone, or by mail until in-person services return. Reach out if that’s something your family or kids would like.
Thank you!
-Open to kids in PreK through 5th grade.
-Link to meeting sent by email 1-3 days before class

Contact Michelle at



Crestview offers nursery services during Sunday morning worship. Our general structure is that parents/guardians keep children in the sanctuary for worship songs, and bring them to the nursery when our YCW class is dismissed (before the message). Since we may not have regular nursery attendees, we kindly ask you to notify a greeter if you plan to use the nursery childcare. If you prefer to drop-off for the full service, please notify a greeter and they will connect you with children’s ministry staff member right away – parents/guardians can drop off children to nursery as early as 9:15 am, and pick up as late as 10:45 am. We always have nursery staff available upon request.

We kindly ask all children are signed-in accordingly, including name, emergency contact information, and special medical attention information. If your child may need a diaper change, please bring an additional diaper for the nursery staff. Our nursery is staffed with two people, and we pride ourselves in ensuring a safe and clean space for your loved one.



The Young Children’s Worship (YCW) program offers a separate worship time for children just beginning to learn about God’s presence in scripture. This reverent approach to worship helps young children experience–not just learn about–God. Each Sunday morning, we create a special worship environment in which children and their leaders and assistants sense the awesome wonder of God.

Children age 3 through 2nd grade come to the sanctuary with their parents and enjoy the worship song service.  They are blessed and dismissed just before the message begins, and they participate in their own worship experience, in a room just outside the sanctuary. The class ends at the same time worship service ends.

Busy Binders and Bags

Children 3rd through 5th grade participate in the full worship service, with access to art materials and word puzzles, and a service that’s crafted to take their age and interests into account. Near the main doors of the sanctuary, children can select a binder and/or “busy bag” which includes art/puzzle materials. There are guest binders for guests to enjoy. After service, kids can return their binders to the shelf.

There are also busy bags (lime green) available just below the binders on the shelf. All ages can enjoy these bags, filled with toys, art materials, stickers, and more.

For questions, please contact Children’s Ministry Director, Jackie LaMaire

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