Worship for Sunday June 21st, 2020:

Step One: Worship the Lord

Song: I Will Offer Up my Life by Jeff Widenhofer (Matt Redmond)

Art from Church of the Servant

Prayer of Worship: A Be-attitude…

Blessed are communities in which hospitality is practiced in both public worship and in personal lives, where strangers and guests are welcomed and embraced, where the poor and marginalized, diseased and forsaken can find refuge under the shadow of God’s wings. (V. 5.3) (Excerpt from Worship Triune God)

Song: Be Thou My Vision Performed by Jeff Widenhofer

Pentecost Prayers of God’s People by Aminah Bradford

God of Abraham, God of movement, asking us to follow, inviting us to journey out from familiar places,

God who sees underneath intentions below the surface, tears waiting behind our smiles, doubt accompanying faith,

God of words, Word that made the heavens, stars created by the breath of your mouth, speak a creative word to us.

We bring to you a new song of confession, asking for your forgiveness. When we push our bodies beyond their borders, satisfying demands rather than stewarding your temple, because you are merciful, forgive us.

When we demand blessing as a response to our obedience, presuming we can earn your favor, because of your understanding, forgive us.

When we despair of pressing forward, fearing the fount of miracles has run dry, because of your glory, forgive us.

Hoping against all hope, we pray for people living beneath the weight of oppression, displacement, and violence. Because of your justice, help us bring peace.

For those of us who struggle to follow, constrained by affection for comfort and control, because of your purposes, loose our bonds.

And for the ones to whom life has dealt a seemingly final blow, face to the concrete, too exhausted to move, because of your tenderness, take us by the hand and raise us up.

Spirit of the living God, we invite you tonight to wring the death out of our hearts and saturate our souls with your breath, life, faith. Hoping against all hope we lay defeat aside. We grab for the corner of your cloak and wait for a miracle.

Song: Cornerstone by Hillsong

Step Two: Special Offering for the month of June: En Gedi   How can you support En Gedi with Margaret Njuguna in its ministry?  Please send this month’s special offering to Crestview Church and designate special giving for En Gedi in memo.  Visit Margaret’s Mission page here.

Step Three: Engage the Message: Message: Live Wide Awake: Growth (Book of Philippians)

Part 1: (9min) VIDEO 1

Part 2: (11min) VIDEO 2

Question for discussion: 

  • What struck you most in this message?  What does it lead you to consider and do?

Step Four: Responding to God’s Word
Song: Church (Take Me Back) Cochren & Co. Worship Video with lyrics


‘The Lord bless you and keep you’ and may His Kingdom Come in all of its fullness!


Special Offering for month of June: En Gedi

Prayer meeting in the open air scheduled for Monday, June 22nd, 7:00-8:00pm in the back of our church building.  Bring your own lawn chair, mask, and social distance.  We will be led through a time of prayer together. 

Order your book online (or E-book): Live Wide Awake: Engaging God’s Story, Embracing Yours by Laura DeGroot.  We will begin with chapter 1 next week, June 7th and cover a chapter a week through August 30th

Update on Bridge House activities and involvement: Jared Lefebre gives us an update on ‘all things’ Bridge House and ways that Crestview and you are engaging: