Worship for Sunday April 19th, 2020: 

Step One: Begin with a time of silence to ready your heart and your spirit for worship. (Images taken Friday am outside the church) 

He Is Risen!

Step Two: Lead Us Heavenward by Jeff Mark Widenhofer 

He Is Risen Indeed!

Step Three: Affirm our faith: (Read aloud) Heidelberg Catechism question and answer #1! 

What is your only comfort in life and in death? 

That I am not my own, but belong – body and soul, in life and in death – 

to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ. 

He has fully paid for all my sins with his precious blood, 

and has set me free from the tyranny of the devil. 

He also watches over me in such a way 

that not a hair can fall from my head without the will of my Father in heaven: 

In fact, all things must work together for my salvation. 

Because I belong to him, Christ, by his Holy Spirit, assures me of eternal life 

and makes me wholeheartedly willing and ready from now on to live for him. 

Step Four: Sing to the Lord 

10 Thousand Reasons, Matt Redman

Step Five: Message: Bet You Can’t Eat Just One?! Pastor Mark Allen Quist 

1 Cor 6:12; Pr 25:28; Ph 3:19-20, Ro 14:17-18 

Message Part 1


Message Part 2

Reflection/Meditation on the message: Listen for God’s voice 

Jeff Mark Widenhofer, 10,000 Reasons 

10,000 Reasons by Jeff Widenhofer

(An early churchgoer – wondering where everyone else is…) 

Step Six: Prayer: Speak The Lord’s Prayer in unison with God’s people around the world: 

Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed by your name; 

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread. 

And forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. 

Lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from the evil one. 

(Add your own prayers) 

End with: For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever, 


Step Seven: Choose one or two of the following music responses: 

It is Well, Kristene DiMarco

Good, Good Father, Chris Tomlin


Note: Join us for download Sunday late afternoon via zoom at 4:00pm for connection, interaction and discussion of the message – check your email inbox for the link. 


  • Special Offering for month of April for the Niebur’s 
  • For your personal mediation this week: video message from Bald Mountain by Pastor Mark: Sermon on the Mount Part 1 – Matthew 5. The Sermon on the Mount is timeless for our instruction and living, ‘in and out of season.’ 
  • Worship services transitioned to on line until further notice