Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week 2020.  This Easter season is filled with more stark juxtaposition than most in recent years.  Juxtaposition is the nearness of contrasting realities.  It is when two seemingly unrelated, almost opposite ideas, are placed in proximity to one another.  The result of juxtaposition can have an intriguing effect – reveal a profound truth.  Passion week is like that.  One day Jesus rides into Jerusalem like a conquering king (Palm Sunday) and by that evening, he is telling his disciples about his soon coming suffering and death (Good Friday).  And then there is the juxtaposition of Jesus’ death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter).  Our reality today of COVID-19 and the reality of God is another poignant juxtaposition.  May God reveal to us his comfort, truth, and love in the midst of this space of juxtaposition.

Step One: Begin with a time of silence to ready your heart and your spirit for worship.

Step Two: Read Colossians 1:15-20 out loud.    

Step Three: Invitation to listen or participate in singing with the following two songs: 

·      All Creatures of our God and King

·      Hosanna (Praise is Rising)   

Step Four: Engage the message: Triumphal Entry?  Absolutely!  A Lesson in Juxtaposition from John 12-13  You can choose between video or audio: Video comes in two files.  

Triumphal Entry? Absolutely! A Lesson in Juxtaposition: Part 1 (12 min)
Triumphal Entry? Absolutely! A Lesson in Juxtaposition: Part 2 (14 min)
The Audio Message: Triumphal Entry? Absolutely! A Lesson in Juxtaposition

Step Five: Read Philippians 3:7-11 out loud and listen to Jeff’s music for reflection.

Jeff’s Reflection Music: Praise The Lord, Oh My Soul

Step Six: Enter into a time of prayer: prayers for one another, our country, and our world. 

Step Seven: Invitation to listen or participate in singing: 

·      Be Thou My Vision

Step Eight: Bless one another with these words, “The Lord bless you and turn his face towards you and give you peace.”  


·      Tuesday Video zoom for pop-in, check-in and prayer with Pastor Mark and other elders 12noon-12:30pm.  Link was sent out on Thursday – you can look for it in your inbox.  

·      Good Friday ServiceStations of the Cross for April 10th: Interactive service with communion participation and use of some candles.  Service will be available by Thursday.  

·      Easter Worship Service for April 12th: You will receive our Easter service worship service by Saturday.    

·      Extension of On Line Worship Services through April 26th.  Crestview Church is closed to all meetings and gatherings until May 1st.     

      In God’s hands, Pastor Mark