Message Series: Minor Prophets

Today’s Message:

Minor Prophet? Micah: God’s Justice and will Avenge

The Book of Nahum

Speaker: Pastor Mark

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Song: In Christ Alone

Song: Hosanna

Responsive Reading:

Leader: The prophets of the Bible knew how many ways human life had gone wrong because they knew how many ways human life can go right.  

People: They dreamed of a time when God would put things right again. They dreamed of a new age in which crookedness would be straightened out, rough places made plain.  The Foolish would be made wise, and the wise, humble.

Leader: They dreamed of a time when the deserts would flower, the mountains would stream with red wine, a time when weeping would be heard no more, and when people could sleep without weapons on their laps. 

People: People could work in peace, their work having meaning and point. All nature would be fruitful and filled with wonder upon wonder; all humans would be knit together in brotherhood and sisterhood; and all nature and all humans would look to God, walk with God, lean toward God, and delight in God.


Message: Minor Prophet? Hahum: God’s Justice and will Avenge, Bk of Nahum, Pastor Mark

Song: No Longer Slaves


Song: Everything