Message Series: Minor Prophets

Today’s Message:

Minor Prophet? Micah: God’s Justice and Righteousness

The Book of Micah

Speaker: Pastor Mark

Happy Father’s Day! Join us at 9:15 am to enjoy some flute music before the service! Cat Russell, Cille Lutsch on the flute, Sam Scheeres on the keyboard, and hopefully Amber Olsen will join in with a flute selection of her own!

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Crestview Will Now Be Holding Services Indoors

We are offering a livestream of the service which will start at 9:30 am Sunday morning.

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Crestview Church Message Playlist

Order of Worship


Song: 10,000 Reasons

Song: Have Thine Own Way

Responsive Reading:

Leader: God meets us in the sacraments, communicating grace to us by means of water, bread, and wine.

Congregation: In baptism, whether of the newly born or newly converted, God reminds us and assures us of our union with Christ in covenant love, the washing away of our sin, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, expecting our love and trust in return.

Leader: In the Lord’s Supper, Christ offers his own crucified body and blood to his people, assuring them a share in his death and resurrection.

Congregation: By the Holy Spirit, he feeds us with his resurrection life and binds us to each other as we share one loaf and cup. 

Leader: We receive the food gladly. 

Congregation: We believe as we eat, that Jesus is our life-giving food and drink and that he will come again to call us to the wedding feast of the lamb.

Leader: The church is a gathering of forgiven sinners called to be holy.

Congregation: Saved by the patient grace of God, we deal patiently with others and together confess our need for grace and forgiveness. 

Leader: Restored in Christ’s presence and shaped by his life, this new community lives out the ongoing story of God’s reconciling love.

Congregation: This new community announces the new creation and works for a world of justice and peace.

Leader: As followers of Jesus Christ, living in this world, which some seek to control, and others view with despair.

Congregation: We declare with joy and trust, that our world belongs to God.


Message: Minor Prophet? Micah: God’s Justice and Righteousness, Pastor Mark Speaker

Song: Everlasting God