When I was searching for a new church home no one even noticed me at the big churches and I left without talking to anyone. When I walked into Crestview I was made welcome by many people who greeted me and invited me back. Crestview is so welcoming and friendly! I feel at home in this Christ centered community.

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I have enjoyed attending and later leading Daybreak, Crestview’s women’s Bible study. Those women have become close friends. Our whole family enjoys Dinner-for-8 which is where 8 people get together for dinner once a month for 4 months, switching hosts and which food everyone brings. And my husband is currently a deacon which is a good stretch of his mind and everything else, and our kids love the youth activities.  Since we left our much beloved church 15 years ago when we moved to Colorado, we have never felt at home anywhere else as we do at Crestview.

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Photo of Julie Huffaker.


Crestview is where I found a wonderful group of God fearing people who loved and cared about me. My faith became real and meaningful to me as I watched those around me live out their faith and I am forever grateful to God for the gift of this body of Crestview Church.

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Photo of Facilities Manager, Debbie Ash.


I visited this church after moving to Colorado for a new job at CU. I was nervous to go someplace alone, but when I arrived, people were genuinely friendly and made me feel comfortable. I revisited a few weeks later and people even remembered my name, which was appreciated 🙂 Definitely a place I recommend to meet great community members and worship comfortably on Sunday mornings. Also, they offer great ways to get involved (homeless volunteering, neighborhood BBQs, bike rides, group dinners).

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Crestview Church is such a gift to me. Since coming on board as pastor of Crestview Church I have experienced a community of authentic people – quick to enfold me and my family into their lives. One characteristic of this faith community stands out – grace. They are quick to acceptance and love. Thank you Crestview Church!

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Photo of Pastor Mark in his canoe.

Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark is incredibly energetic and applies himself 100 percent to whatever he is doing, whether it be biking, hiking, or engaging with his family, neighbors and members of his congregation. His passion for following Jesus and fellowshipping with people is contagious. He is a deep thinker and expounds on God’s word, pulling out nuggets of insight and rounding out messages with writings from great literary minds when applicable. I am changed because of Mark’s deep content in his messages. He makes me think!

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Photo of Cat Russell, Information Manager at Crestview.