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Message Series Starting January 2, 2022: Suit up!  The Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-20

1/2/22Intro: Belt of Truth (AOG)Ephesians 6:10-20, vs 10-14Mark
1/9/22Breastplate of Righteousness (AOG)Ephesians 6:10-20, vs 14Mark
1/16/22Shield of Faith (AOG)Ephesians 6:10-20, vs 16Mark
1/23/22Feet fitted with the Gospel of Peace (AOG)Ephesians 6:10-20, vs 15Mark
1/30/22Helmet of Salvation (AOG)Ephesians 6:10-20, vs 17Mark
2/6/22Sword of the Spirit (AOG) -1000th sermon!Ephesians 6:10-20, vs 17-20Mark

Message Series Starting February 13, 2022: Paul and the Roman World

2/13/22Paul and the Roman World: Who is Paul and Intro to the Letters Acts 9-31, Gal 1Mark
2/20/22PATRW: Brining Jew and Gentile TogetherEphesiansMark
2/27/22PATRW: Challenging Status: Wealth, Women, Children, and SlavesPhil 2, Gal 3Mark
3/2/22Ash Wednesday: Begin Lent SeasonPs 51, GalMark
3/6/22Lent 1: PATRW: From Colosseum to the Amphitheater, In but not of..Jn 17, 1 Jn 2Mark
3/13/22Two Years Later: Faith, Fasting, Feasting in the Midst of Fear
Lent 2: PATRW: Fast on Isolation, Feast on Community
Ps 27, 91Mark
3/20/22Two Years Later: Faith, Fasting, Feasting in the Midst of Fear
Lent 3: PATRW: God’s Word Arrives Right On Time
Eccl 3Mark
3/27/22Two Years Later: Faith, Fasting, Feasting in the Midst of Fear
Lent 4: PATRW: Entering into the Suffering of Others
Eph 3, Rom 8Mark
4/3/22Lent 5: PATRW: Paul and SufferingMark
4/10/22Palm Sunday: Lent 6: Paul on Life and DeathMark
4/15/22Good Friday: Service of ShadowsMark
4/17/22Easter: Jesus and the Roman World: A Clash of Two KingdomsMark
4/24/22PATRW: Paul and Sexuality1 Th 4:3-5Mark

Message Series Starting May 8, 2022: The Life of Joseph

5/8/22A ‘Chosen’ Child, a Dreamer, and Sibling Rivalry Gen 37 Mark
5/15/22Judah and Tamar: Is this God’s Plan?Gen 38Mark
5/22/22Joseph and Potipher’s Wife: Standing on Principle Can Get Us in Trouble!Gen 39Mark
5/29/22Joseph and Pharoah: Faithfulness Rewarded?Gen 40-41Mark
6/5/22Joseph and His Brothers Round 2: A Shot at Redemption or What Comes Around Goes AroundGen 42-47Mark
6/12/22Why Joseph? Why Famine? What’s Next? Sovereignty, Providence, Hardship, Blessing – The Call to Faithfulness – Are There Others?Gen 47-50Mark