Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow

There are changes at BOHO, Read all about it (PDF)!

Download the BOHO letter as a DOC file here.

What is Changing? Today, Boulder’s social safety net is designed to shelter and feed our guests, and supportive services are made available as guests may ask for them; in the future, guests will encounter the social safety net by means of a supportive services engagement, and shelter will be offered to the most vulnerable guests in tandem with prioritization for housing. Guests whose strengths and resources can best be applied to their own situations with little or no shelter will be helped to realize their immediate goals.

This change is being developed by the City of Boulder and affects all social safety net programs for the single adult homeless community currently offered by BOHO, Bridge House, and Boulder Shelter for the
Homeless. The master plan will be presented and discussed in depth by the Boulder City Council on Tuesday, May 16 ( ). The vision driving this change of systems is nationally recognized, is already in effect in the metro-Denver OneHome program ( ), and is the reason why funders are now directing their grants away from emergency shelter programs like BOHO’s and toward this assessment-based model.

BOHO began operating independently as it’s own 501c(3) nonprofit in 2009. Its services have grown tremendously as the need for bed space in Boulder has grown dramatically. In conjunction with the faith based community, BOHO now operates nightly Emergency Warming Centers non-stop November 15th to March 15th. We operate on a weather dependent basis during the shoulder seasons. This has greatly impacted the homeless community in a life saving way.

Crestview Church, 2017 and BOHO

It’s snowing outside, and the BOHO Emergency Warming Center (EWC) is upon us.  Crestview will be open every Friday night/Saturday morning through March 10. After March 15 the EWC will be open on a weather dependent basis. The only groups providing volunteers this year are Crestview and Boulder Korean Church (BKC). BKC will be taking the first and third Fridays of each month, and Crestview will be providing volunteers for the second and fourth Fridays. The two fifth Fridays in the warming season (12/30/2016 and 3/31/2017) will be covered by some combination of Crestview and BKC people. We are organizing the Crestview volunteers by elder/deacon teams this year.

Community Table provides a hot meal in one of the downtown churches Monday through Friday nights, thus we have decided to provide a simple backup like cup-a-soup, mac-n-cheese, or ramen for those who didn’t get the downtown meal. On Saturday morning, we will provide coffee and something like bagels or pastries, and we may put out bowls of things like granola bars and fruit for the guests to take along with them when they leave the building.

The schedule for the EWC is that the guests start entering the building at 7 PM, lights out at 9 PM, lights back on at 6 AM, guests leave building by 7 AM, and cleanup done by 8 AM or so. In the past the volunteers have arrived at 6 PM Friday to help with the setup and get the food prepared.

Contact Marty if you have any questions or comments.

March, 2017 Operations Report from BOHO

BOHO has completed its night shelter and day program operations for March 2017. Our monthly operations report is enclosed, including a brief annual summary.

BOHO was open every night of March at Resident’s Shelter and Emergency Warming Center.  Together with twelve hosting congregations, we served our guests on 31 nights with a total of 2,544 guest-nights of shelter (or an average of 82 guests per night).

BOHO has also completed its day program operations for March, which include both Lunch Program and Community Table. We were open 27 days at seven hosting congregations to serve our guests with a total of 2,703 guest-days of shelter (or an average of 100 guests per day).

BOHO can do its work only because of the extraordinary support and involvement of Boulder’s faith community, especially the two-dozen congregations who provide active hosting support.  Thank you all so very much!


William Sweeney
Treasurer, BOHO
303 810 8223