Our mission

Bethany demonstrates the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services.

The people we support

Vulnerable kids in the U.S.

When children are in need of a family, we respond. In the U.S., we protect vulnerable children through essential services, including pregnancy counseling, foster care, emergency care, and adoption. We believe family is the essential human care structure, and we work to provide every child the support, safety, and connection they deserve.

Refugees & immigrants

For refugees fleeing danger, the search for safety can be extremely challenging. And too often, people become numbers in a system that can feel impossible to navigate. That’s why we guide, protect, advocate for, and support refugees. In the U.S., we offer resettlement and continued support services in strategic locations.

Global families

We believe children thrive when they belong to a loving family. Rather than placing vulnerable children in orphanages, we find a family for them in their own country. We also support families struggling to stay together by providing the resources and training they need to lead their family to self-sufficiency.

Our actions are inspired by faith

For more than 75 years, our faith has inspired us to serve children close to home and around the world.

Why do we do this work?

Because there’s a sobering gap between the way God sees people and the way the world sees people. Until everyone sees people the same way God does, until every person is loved, connected, and empowered, people need to stand up, speak out, and advocate, loudly and courageously.

So that’s what we do. Our core beliefs are simple: We love God and we love people.


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