All Ladies Welcome. No need to have participated in the Bible study. Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun!

Daybreak Bible Study, Wednesdays at 9:30 10 am, Currently in the study Live Wide Awake by Laura Degroot

Daybreak for Wed, July 15:

Dear Friends,

We will not meet next week (7/8/2020) but will meet again on Wednesday, July 15th “in person” on the church patio at 10am.  The Crestview Wifi experts are trying to get it to work on the patio.  So, pray it works by July 15th. Please do the fourth and fifth chapters (“Tell Me About Yourself” and “Peanut Butter Toast”) from Laura DeGroot’s book, Live Wide Awake, before the 1st.  Also, sermons will have preached on these chapters already, so write down anything you want to talk about from those messages.

Note that we are starting our meetings at 10 AM instead of our pre-Covid 9:30 AM meetings.  If you have any issues logging on, please call me at