Crestview’s Neighboring Challenge is Always On!
Contact: Pastor Mark

Notice: During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Art of Neighboring continues. We just need to be thinking outside the box on how to continue to love our neighbor safely and with proper social distancing and other protocol.

Neighboring Challenge:  Here it is – you’ve been hearing about this and anticipating this for several weeks.  We want to put the following challenge out there for Crestview peeps.  Three things for going deeper in equipping and participating in neighboring practices:

  • 1: Read Bob Goff’s book Love Does.  This is an easy read.  Get a flavor for stepping outside your comfort zone to simply love the people around you in the places God has put you.  Order it, go to the store and buy it, or download it to your Kindle – whatever, let’s all read this book and have it be a part of our common understanding.
  • 2: Get to your calendar before everything and everyone else and plan one fun Jubilee type of meal gathering with your neighbors.  Doesn’t have to be extravagant – simply host a BBQ, dessert, or wine night in your home, on your back patio, or in the local park near you.  Intention is to get to know your immediate neighbors.  
  • 3: Join a community group of some sort.  Many of you already do this – summer swim team for your kids, yoga class, book club, biking group, hiking group, etc.  The intention with this challenge is to get to know some people in your community in an activity of life that you enjoy.  This is a bigger commitment.  If this is not accessible time-wise or money-wise, think smaller in inviting a neighbor or co-worker to join you in an activity.  This challenge is to go deeper in relationship with another with intentionality.