Note: January through April  groups have just formed!

It’s not to late to join one of our Dinner 8 groups.  We can add people along the way.  Groups of ~ 8 adults or ~ 3 entire families meet for dinner once a month for four months. Hosting of the dinner rotates among the group and everyone brings food to lessen the load on the hosting family. Think of this as a social small group where you get to know others better within Crestview. It’s also an opportunity to invite a few friends you may have been wanting to invite to a Crestview service, but now you have the chance to introduce them to others from your church in a fun setting.

Sign up: (Miss a month signup?  Contact us anyway and we will fit you into a group.)

December, for the months January – April
April, for the months May – August
August, for the months September – December

Sign up at Crestview or contact Muffie VanAndel