God’s Word Arrives Right On Time
Ecclesiastes 3: 1-14, Psalm 91
Message: Pastor Mark, Worship: Jeff Widenhofer

As you enter in to worship: know that you all have been prayed over in preparation for our virtual time together. Peace.

Order of Worship

1st: Time of silence: Spend a few moments in quiet by yourself or with your family.  Bring to mind the questions you have in your heart, and spirit.  Breathe the questions in silence, knowing that God hears you.

2nd: Play this youtube video of Andrew Peterson, Is He Worthy? Please skip all advertising as soon as able.

Click here:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIahc83Kvp4

3rd: Read Psalm 27 out loud.  If you have more than one person with you, share the reading of the verses.  Reading out loud helps to reinforce the words of the Psalm.  

4th: Listen to Pastor Mark’s message for this week God’s Word Always Arrives Right On Time – Enter into the Suffering of Others from Ecclesiastes 3:1-14.   

If you enjoy a visual while listening to Pastor Mark’s message, enjoy this pic!
Message for Sunday 3/22: God’s Word Always Arrives Right On Time

5th: Listen to this music from Jeff Widenhofer as you reflect on Psalm 27 and Pastor Mark’s message and offer prayers for your own mind, heart, and body.  Listen as long as needed to complete this step. 

Jeff’s Devotional Music for Reflection

6th: Pray: For your immediate neighbors, for our leaders, for our medical community, for those who are experiencing different forms of suffering as a result of COVID-19 virus.

7th: Read Psalm 91:1-6, 14-16 and finish with playing one or both of the following music videos:Light of the World by Lauren Daigle: 

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cLhaZIBSpo  

or the first 7min 30 seconds of Way Maker, by Jesus Image Choir 

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsypFJ5mNw0  
Way Maker is a song Jeff taught us a few weeks ago.  

In the name of Jesus, 

Pastor Mark