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God’s Will/My Will

We begin a series on exploring together the holy/human weave of God’s will and our will.  How do these two truths come together?  We know we have been created by God and made in his image.  We also know that Jesus is the Lord of our lives.  We also know that God created us with a free will to act and be and choose as we exercise our will.  So how do these things come together? Not only in understanding, but in the everyday rhythms of daily living?

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Letter to the Colossians

The City of Colossae, located in what would be today modern day Turkey, is little known, buried under the rubble of an earthquake in 60AD and years of history and shifting sands.  Yet we have a letter from Paul, written from prison, to this fledgling community of believers shortly before this devastating earthquake occurred.  …

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Book of Esther

Good Day Crestview community!  With Colossians message series in the rearview mirror, what’s next?  The Book of Esther  I know that Daybreak (our Wednesday women’s bible study) recently studied Esther.  I’m inclined to ask each participant to bring a message to Crestview on some aspect of learning and application from their study.  We could cover about 10 weeks of…

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Bible ‘Shorts’

From this Sunday until Advent season in December, we will explore in our messages some Biblical ‘shorts’.  It seems like ‘shorts’ are the things of fashion and communication today.  Just look at youtube… if you’re not careful, you could waste an entire evening or afternoon watching video short, after short, after short… These ‘shorts’ are addictive.  …

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