So where is your heart two years later, since the onset of Covid 19?  Deeper fear or faith?  

More engaged in God’s word or less? Have you engaged people in a relationship of significance, entered into the suffering of others?  Or have you become more isolated and cut off from the community?       

As we focus this week on faith and fear and its relationship to the Lent season, how is your faith?  Is it strong or is it shaky?  How about your fear?  Is it crippling, gnawing at the edge of your mind, or is it far from you?   And how could the themes of feasting and fasting (Lent season language) help move you from fear to faith?  I’m gonna propose Sunday that we fast from isolation, and feast on community engagement in this next season that God has given us.  

2022-03-13 : Pastor Mark Quist – Two Years Later – Fast on Isolation, Feast on Community, Ps 27, 91, Play MP3, Play LiveStream

2022-03-20 : Pastor Mark Quist – Two Years Later – God’s Word Arrives Right on Time, Eccl 3, Play MP3, Play LiveStream

2022-03-27 : Pastor Mark Quist – Two Years Later – Entering into the Suffering of Others, Eph 3, Rom 8, Play MP3, Play LiveStream

2022-04-15 : Pastor Mark Quist – Good Friday: Service of Shadows – The Bible, Play MP3Play LiveStream

2022-04-17: Pastor Mark Quist – Easter Sunday: Jesus and the Roman World: A Clash of Two Kingdoms, Play MP3Play LiveStream