I’m looking at 2021 as the Year of Discipleship.  Every year is an opportunity to go deeper in faith, broader in discipleship, and further into God’s will and ways.  Yet, maybe by calling it the year of discipleship more intentionality of thought and deed may happen.  God is always at work in our lives, may this year 2021 bring his work into focus.  We begin 2020 as a faith community looking back at the themes of 2020 to see where God has led us and how he has shaped us.  This will give us a good perspective as we look forward to the planned themes of 2021.  

One week to look back and look ahead (Jan 3), one week to be reminded of Jesus core message and mission (Jan 10), then a month of looking at ‘The Day of the Lord’ and it’s influence on the here and now, then from Feb to April through Lent to Easter – ‘The Centrality of Christ’ from the Book of Hebrews.

May God lead you, the Holy Spirit speed you along, and may Jesus feed you everything you need for life and Christlikeness.  On this grand faith journey with you,

2021-01-03 : Pastor Mark Quist – Jesus Coming of Age and John Preparing the Way, Lk 2:21-3:20, Play MP3Play LiveStream

2021-01-10 : Pastor Mark Quist – Jesus’ Message and Mission: Rejected or Accepted?, Lk 4:14-30, Play MP3Play LiveStream