Hebrew Text on Stone Tablets: The 10 Commandments

This Sunday we begin a 10 week series on the 10 commandments: The Law of Life in 10 Commands.  Growing up in the church it was a regular weekly practice to read the 10 commandments.  Hearing them with this regularity can tend to lead you to recite them without thinking and give you the impression that God is all about what you can’t do.  

Since the early days of my church experience with the 10 commandments, I have done a 180 on how to view the commands.  The Law of God is life.  I now see the 10 commandments in light of Psalm 19’s reflection on God’s law: radiant, trustworthy, perfect, right, and pure – sweeter than honey, more precious than gold…  for ‘in them your servant is warned and in keeping them there is great reward.’

The commandments of God lead to life.  I now see God’s law as creational norms spelled out for us.  God’s laws reflect the true reality of truths built into the fabric of creation that lead us in God’s ways of flourishing.  

Each week we will address a different command and unpack its understanding in terms of each commands scope.  The ten commands actually cover every area of life in terms of its scope.  Think of it like an archery target.  The bullseye of the command is the central driving emphasis of the target.  The surrounding rings on the target are different areas of the central commands scope.  I’m really looking forward to this series.  This series will lead us deep into our 2019 Lenten season – great preparation for Passion Week. 

Click here for a series study handout from Pastor Mark. 

From Exodus 20:

2019-02-03 : Pastor Mark Quist – 1st Commandment: Love The Lord your God  Play MP3

2019-02-10 : Pastor Mark Quist – 2nd Commandment: Honor God’s Name  Play MP3

2019-02-17 : Pastor Mark Quist – 3rd Commandment – Protecting God’s Reputation Play MP3

2019-02-24 : Pastor Mark Quist – 4th Commandment: Keep the Sabbath Day Holy Play MP3

2019-03-03 : Pastor Mark Quist – 5th Commandment – Honoring Authority in an Age of Disrespect  Play MP3

2019-03-10 : Pastor Mark Quist – 6th Command: Do Not Murder – Exodus 20:13 Play MP3

2019-03-17 : Pastor Mark Quist – 7th Command: Fearing God in a Permissive World – Ex 20:14 Play MP3

2019-03-24 : Pastor Mark Quist – 8th Command: Applying the Golden Rule in a Lawbreaking Society – Ex 20:15 Play MP3

2019-04-07 : Pastor Mark Quist – Ninth commandment – Exodus 20 Play MP3

2019-04-14 : Pastor Mark Quist – 10th Commandment: The Desires of Your Heart – Exedus 20 Play MP3