Our Advent worship season begins Sunday December 1st with a focus on returning to nativity.  Several years ago a cookbook came out called Less is More… that’s the idea of Advent.

A return to nativity sounds like a refreshing way to reflect on Advent.  In order to anticipate the coming of Jesus well, (remembering his 1st coming and looking forward to a 2nd return), preparation is of great importance.  How are we to do that?  What should that look like?

Scripture is filled with wisdom and guidance, mandates and divine callings, about these things.  It definitely has something to do with less is more.  It’s difficult to seek God, hear God, follow God well when we are bombarded by so many different voices, demands, and interests.  Jesus ‘coming’ to our hearts and lives in greater measure will require intentional return to nativity.  For 4 weeks we will focus on themes of less is more in relation to the stewarding of our worship, time, generosity, and devotion.  Maybe by Christmas Eve worship together, our hearts will be better prepared for Jesus coming.

Christmas Eve, 2019

2019-12-24 : Pastor Mark Quist – To Be or Not To Be Afraid – Luke 2:8-15 Play MP3

Advent 2019

2019-12-22 : Pastor Mark Quist – A Cause to Live For – Acts 20:24 Play MP3

2019-12-15 : Pastor Mark Quist – Generosity Through Proximity, Luke 10:24-27, Matt 25:31-45 Play MP3

2019-12-08 : Pastor Mark Quist – Choosing What is Better!, Luke 10:38-42 Play MP3

2019-12-01 : Pastor Mark Quist – Come and Worship! -Worship More/Worship Less – Romans 12:1-3 Play MP3