Holy Spirit: Let it sink in… Presence.  (Pause)  Power.  (Pause)  Purpose.  (Pause)  These three words encapsulate the heart of the Holy Spirit.  We will spend a few weeks focused solely on the gift and work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Presence: Every moment of every day, in every situation and circumstance, God is constantly with us in the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • Power: Everything from overcoming temptation, delivering us from the evil one, producing fruit in line with righteousness, right down to the very air we breath and the pumping of our heartbeat – God is constantly at work in and through us by the Holy Spirit.
  • Purpose: Every day in every way, the Holy Spirit is acting and willing us to carry out his plan and will for our lives: to glorify God!  Everything matters in life if anything matters at all.  The death and resurrection of God’s Son Jesus is proof that this is true.  And the Holy Spirit is the gift of God with us to engage in His reforming and transforming work in His world.  Nothing in all of our lives is outside of the scope of God’s work through the presence, power, and purpose of the Holy Spirit.

How can we maximize this engagement with the Holy Spirit?  What does this practically look like?  Here are five specific ways: Bless others! (generosity).  Invite others into your life, home, and table. (hospitality)  Take time each week to listen for the Holy Spirit. (Become more Spirit led)  Take time each week to learn about Jesus and his ways. (Become more Christlike.)  Look for ways in which you see God’s transformative presence, power and purpose take root in your life. (You will increasingly see yourself as being a part of God’s story who has been called to God’s purposes.)  Note: These five suggestions have been adapted from Michael Frost book, Surprise the World!  The Five Habits of Highly Missional PeopleJoin God’s story and be part of the journey!

2018-05-20 : Pastor Adie Johnson – Come Holy Spirit The Great Translator – Romans 8:18-30 Play MP3

2018-05-13 : Pastor Mark Quist – Now This Is Church – Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-37 Play MP3

2018-05-06 : Pastor Mark Quist – Pentecost: What does it mean? – Acts 2:1-41 Play MP3

2018-04-29 : Pastor Paul Holmberg – The Holy Spirit’s Nature & Role: The antidote to long-distance relationships with God – John 14 & 16 Play MP3

2018-04-22 : Pastor Mark Quist – Pentecost! The Gift of the Spirit – Acts 2:1-41 Play MP3