The Creeds and Confessions: Why do they Matter?  Today, ‘credo’ which means ‘I believe’ is becoming increasingly important in a world says these things don’t really matter.  But they do.  In this series we explore some significant Creeds and Confessions of the early and reformational church of the 16th Century.  Over time, the church has repeatedly stood firm on these confessions of the Trinity and the person of Jesus, even in the midst of significant challenges.  The creeds and confessions matter.  We will explore together why.

2018-09-23 : Pastor Mark Quist – Feasting on the Heidelberger, In One Big Bite! – The Heidelberg Catechism Play MP3

2018-09-16 : Pastor Mark Quist – Canons of Dordt: Why it Matters – Canons of Dordt Play MP3

2018-08-26 : Pastor Mark Quist – The Belhar Confession: Why Does It Matter- 2 Cor 5:17-19 Play MP3

2018-08-05 : Pastor Mark Quist – The Belgic Confession: Why Does it Matter? – Belgic Confession Play MP3

2018-07-29 : Pastor Mark Quist – The Creeds and Confessions: Why Do They Matter? – Apostle’s, Nicine, and Athenasian Creeds Play MP3