We are continuing in our journey through the Book of Matthew.  From January 2018 to Easter, we will be walking through Chapters 18-28.  This is where Jesus focuses his ministry more intently on his core disciples.  His teachings also reflect his focus on going to Jerusalem for a final visit with the anticipation of his passion.  This is powerful stuff.  Jesus communicates to his disciples deep truths of discipleship and Kingdom mission.  We will walk through a series on Kingdom Principles through January and February before entering Passion Week teachings of Jesus from Ash Wednesday to Easter.  Our eyes and our hearts will be focused on Jesus. We will listen to his exhilarating teachings, observe more of his miracles, and watch with agony as Jesus is rejected by his people and crucified. Yet, his death isn’t the end of the story.   Resurrection is the last word!  Join is on our Journey through the Book of Matthew and be prepared to meet Jesus, up close and personal. Who is this man who is God himself in human flesh?  How could meeting a person who lived on this earth over 2,000 years ago have anything to do with you personally today?  It has everything to do with your life today.

2018-04-01 : Pastor Mark Quist – Resurrection? What Does This Mean? – Mt. 27:57-28:10 Play MP3

2018-03-18 : Pastor Mark Quist – Be Ready, Relax, and Engage – Matt 24:36-51 Play MP3

2018-03-11 : Pastor Eric Snyder – Seek Out Suffering–The Parable of the Sheep & the Goats – Matthew 25:31-46; Romans 8:14-17 Play MP3

2018-03-04 : Pastor Mark Quist – Seven Woes! Jesus’ Call to Be the Real Deal – Matt 23:1-39 Play MP3

2018-02-25 : Pastor Mark Quist – 3 Testy Questions from the Peanut Gallery – Matthew 21:15-46 Play MP3

2018-02-18 : Pastor Mark Quist – Upside Down, Inside Out, Faith or Doubt – Matt. 21:18-22:14 Play MP3

2018-02-11 : Pastor Mark Quist – Kingdom of God Principle: Suffering–A Triumphal Entry? – Matthew 21:1-17 Play MP3

2018-01-28 : Pastor Mark Quist – Kingdom Principle: What is it You Really Want – Matthew 20:20-28 Play MP3

2018-01-21 : Pastor Mark Quist – The Kingdom Principle of God’s Provision – Matthew 19:16-30, 20:1-16 Play MP3

2018-01-14 : Pastor John Terpstra – Kingdom Principle: Grace – Matthew 20:1-16 Play MP3

2018-01-07 : Pastor Mark Quist – The Kingdom Principle of Forgiveness – Matthew 18:21-35 Play MP3