The Book of Jonah – a Hebrew literary masterpiece!  But its more than just a story about a man named Jonah and a huge fish.  This story is packed with messages for God’s people.  Ever since the calling of Abraham up to the Great Commission of Jesus, God has called people to himself, ‘Blessed to be a Blessing.’  With twists and turns and lots of drama and irony, Jonah unpacks the truth of never forgetting God’s great love for us and the call of God on our lives to engage our world around us with his love.  Enjoy the journey!

2018-10-21 : Pastor Mark Quist – A Missional Life: God’s Last Word–What is it that concerns you? – Jonah 4 Play MP3

2018-10-14 : Pastor Mark Quist – The Word Regurgitated – Jonah 3 Play MP3

2018-10-07 : Pastor Mark Quist – A Missional Life: Death to LIfe – Jonah 2 Play MP3

2018-09-30 : Pastor Mark Quist – A Missional Life: Try and Run – Jonah 1 Play MP3