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The Book of Matthew 2018

We are continuing in our journey through the Book of Matthew.  From January 2018 to Easter, we will be walking through Chapters 18-28.  This is where Jesus focuses his ministry more intently on his core disciples.  His teachings also reflect his focus on going to Jerusalem for a final visit with the anticipation of his…

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The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit: Let it sink in… Presence.  (Pause)  Power.  (Pause)  Purpose.  (Pause)  These three words encapsulate the heart of the Holy Spirit.  We will spend a few weeks focused solely on the gift and work of the Holy Spirit. Presence: Every moment of every day, in every situation and circumstance, God is constantly with us…

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This Is Living!

This is Living!  The Book of Philippians dives deep into the unconditional love of God through Jesus Christ and its power in living a life of love, filled with joy.  This isn’t a ‘pie in the sky’ kind of joy or simply a ‘touchy feely’ way of love.  The love and joy that Paul talks…

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The Book of Jonah – a Hebrew literary masterpiece!  But its more than just a story about a man named Jonah and a huge fish.  This story is packed with messages for God’s people.  Ever since the calling of Abraham up to the Great Commission of Jesus, God has called people to himself, ‘Blessed to…

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Two years ago in the fall of 2016, we engaged in a four week worldview series on Genesis 1-3.  I want to revisit this and dive deeper into where the ‘rubber hits the road’ by zeroing in on four specifics that Genesis 1-3 informs: Boundaries, Creation Stewardship, Human Relationships, and ‘What Went Wrong and What…

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