We begin a message series on Ezra and Nehemiah – this is challenging stuff! I have been deep into some background study of this time in the history of God’s people of Ancient Israel. We will primarily be focusing on the book of Nehemiah and look to Ezra from time to time to fill in with other insight. Ezra and Nehemiah are considered to be a unity. Both were instrumental during the reign of the Persians and Medes (while in exile) in the rebuilding/renewal of Jerusalem and the Temple. Much more importantly, they were instrumental in bringing the people back to a living and loving relationship with the Lord. Lots of good stuff here for us to learn and grow in our faith and walk with God. Let’s dive in and journey together through Nehemiah/Ezra.

2016-09-04 : Pastor Mark Quist – Rewind and Wrapup: Holy to the Lord – Nehemiah 10-13 Play MP3

2016-08-28 : Pastor Mark Quist – A People Gathered Around the Word – Nehemiah 8-10 Play MP3

2016-08-07 : Pastor Mark Quist – A Calling to Fulfill – Nehemiah 5-7 Play MP3

2016-07-24 : Pastor Mark Quist – All Aboard?! – Nehemiah 3,4 Play MP3

2016-07-10 : Pastor Mark Quist – Ezra and Nehemiah: Repent, Renew, Rebuild – Nehemiah 2 Play MP3

2016-07-03 : Pastor Mark Quist – Repent, Renew, Rebuild – Nehemiah 1 Play MP3