A worldview is a lens through which we view and interpret our life in this world. Everyone has a worldview: What is yours? Here, we explore the Biblical worldview for 5 weeks together. Did God create everything out of nothing? What is sin and how did it come into the world? Was God caught off guard by our sin and everything that followed, or does He have a plan? Will the world last forever? Find out what the Bible teaches us about how God is involved in our world, from beginning to end and beyond.

2016-10-09 : Pastor Mark Quist – Biblical Worldview: The End of All Things – Revelation 21 Play MP3

2016-10-02 : Pastor Mark Quist – Redemption: In Christ Alone – Genesis to Romans Play MP3

2016-09-25 : Pastor Mark Quist – The Fall: Marred & Broken – Genesis 3 Play MP3

2016-09-18 : Pastor Mark Quist – Biblical Worldview 2- Creation – Genesis 2 Play MP3

2016-09-11 : Pastor Mark Quist – Biblical Worldview – Genesis 1 Play MP3