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Don’t Worry?, Yeah…Be Happy


What did Jesus just say? (Mt 6:19-24)  “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”  Its interesting that this is capitalized in some versions of Scripture.  Its as if Jesus is giving this term godlike power or characteristics.  Jesus doesn’t make a wishy washy statement.  There is a choice to me.  Almost an echo of Joshua 24 where Joshua says to the people before entering the promised land filled with other ‘gods’ to be worshipped, “Choose today whom you will serve!”

Our passage for Sunday continues Jesus train of teaching with a “Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life…”  (Matthew 6:25-34)  Now that’s interesting.  Its as if Jesus is saying, “You cannot serve both God and worry/anxiety.”  Talk about a challenge!  Anxiety/worry are powerfully ‘controlling substances.’  It seeks to have us.  Within days or seconds of affirming and knowing God’s ultimate promise of care and love for us, we quickly turn to anxiety and worry.

In our text for Sunday (Matthew 6:25-34) there are at least 8 reasons Jesus uses to counter or worrisome and anxious ways.  8 Reasons in only 10 verses.  Read these words from Jesus and make a list – come ready to dive in on Sunday!  Also, make a list of the things that you fret over, worry about, and become anxious about on a regular basis.  List those as well.  We are going to do something with these worries and anxieties as a community this Sunday in church.

See you at the altar,

Pastor Mark


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Where Is Your Treasure? Above or Below?


After Jesus three fold teaching on giving, prayer, and fasting – he launches into a couple of well known teachings addressing the issues of treasure and worry (Matthew 6:19-34).  Jesus is moving us to examine the center of our devotion and desire.  Jesus teaching raises a pointed question: What is the treasure that we are pursuing in our life?
I finally got around to clearing a nasty bush off of the church property earlier this week.  Its an ‘evergreen’ bush… what a misnomer.  Evergreen is not how I would describe it.  The second you get past the outer green you quickly find the inside is filled with a tangled web of deadness.  Years and years of needles and other collected things within its inner branches.

As I clipped away the outer branches, moving closer to the center of bush, closer to the core of the trunk and getting at the roots of this ‘evergreen’, I found some interesting things.  I’ll bring a bucket full of these things on Sunday to show you.  I thought to myself, what a great picture of Jesus teaching!

Jesus just finished talking about hypocrisy in terms of devotional practices like giving, prayer, and fasting – leading us directly into a teaching about ‘our heart’s treasure.’

Jesus is clear in this teaching: Where your heart is, there your treasure is.  Jesus calls the question, “What’s in your bucket?”  In the inner workings of your heart, “What is your treasure?”

Challenging… Confrontational… Core…

See you Sunday
Pastor Mark

Special Download this Sunday:  Jackie from Global Leadership Summit local Boulder team will be here to highlight the Summit’s coming to Boulder in August.


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Come and Worship!


Trusting that your 4th of July was a good time for friends and family to get together!  This coming Sunday, July 9th, we will be having a special worship service as we worship through the Lord’s Prayer in a spirit of prayer.  Join us as we spend time reflecting on the prayer Jesus taught us as we walk (worship) through the beautiful prayer.

This Sunday we welcome (install) our new deacons Tom Needy and Laura Westrate.  Thanks to Pam Chappell and Eric Erickson for their wonderful service over the past three years in this role here at Crestview Church.  And welcome aboard to Tom and Laura.

Second offering on Sunday will be taken for Jason Stryd.

Thank you God for the country you have given to us.  May we glorify your name as we participate in your unfolding plan for your world, our country, our city, and our local neighborhoods.  For the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation, we thank you.  We remember today, your faithfulness, your grace and love for us.  Sharpen our resolve Lord to love one another.  Keep us in humility and give us desire and skill in the ways of your kindness.

In you God, we trust.

Pastor Mark 

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Temptation and Deliverance


We continue to explore Jesus prayer he taught us to pray, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (the evil one).”  (Matthew 6:13)  A prayer for deliverance from temptation and evil.  How are we to understand temptation?  Is it a prayer about a direct temptation to do evil?  Is it about some kind of trial, ordeal, or testing?  Or is it a prayer of deliverance from ‘the evil one’?

This prayer petition brings up other interesting questions: Does God actually lead someone into temptation?  If God were actually leading us into temptation wouldn’t he want us to be led there, why would we pray not to be led there?

All kinds of things to sort through this Sunday.  One thing is certain, Jesus teaches us to pray for help with these kind of things.  Again, its a prayer posture of humility, surrender and trust.  Notice, this prayer is a communal one, “Lead us… and deliver us…”  Resisting temptation is not a ‘go it alone’ walk through life.

And when it comes to temptation and deliverance the Bible identifies three enemies to watch out for: the devil, the world (spirit of this age), and our own sinful flesh.

Jesus teaches us how to pray in the call to humility, trust, and faith.  And he calls us to resist temptation within community and accountability relationships.  And finally, he calls us to live a proactive, disciplined, and free life in the power of his Spirit.

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The Creation Sings Your Praise!

Its Crestview Camping Weekend!  Thanks to Eleanor for all the planning and communication, the weekend has finally arrived.

Weekend Worship Service change:  There will be NO 9:30am WORSHIP SERVICE this Sunday.  Instead, we are having a 6:00pm worship service on Sunday.

You are welcome to come to Saturday’s campout worship service at 5:00pm at the Golden Gate Canyon State Park campground.  Or we will see you at our special worship service time at Crestview on Sunday at 6:00pm.  Spread the word.

The theme for the weekend is The Creation Sings Your Praise!  Our text will be Psalm 19.  In Psalm 19, there are two books that the Psalmist expresses reveal God.  The Creation and Scripture!  We will have some singing and a time of sharing on how we see God revealed in these two books.  Come ready to share ways that you have seen and experienced God in the Creation or in Scripture.

See you at either the Campground (5:00pm Saturday) or at Crestview (6:00pm Sunday.)  Grace to you!!

In Him,
Pastor Mark    

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The Gift of Forgiveness and the Hypocrisy of Unforgiveness


This week’s message just might be the core of Jesus entire life and teaching.  It might be the central purpose of Jesus coming.  It might be the central plan of God since the beginning of time.  OK, enough with the ‘might be’s’.

I will propose that the teaching for Sunday IS the core teaching of Jesus, the central purpose of Jesus coming, and the plan of God since the beginning of time: Forgiveness.

The text for this Sunday is literally at the center of the prayer Jesus taught us: Forgiveness!  “Forgive us our debts (sins) as we forgive our debtors (those who sin against us.”)  It is also the center of this section of teaching on authentic worship of God and hypocrisy (giving – 6:1-4, prayer – 6:5-15, and fasting – 6:16-18).  It is also at the center of the Sermon on the Mount (between chapters 5-7, the middle of chapter 6!).  The title of the message: The Gift of Forgiveness and the Hypocrisy of Unforgiveness, Matthew 6:12, 14-15.

Galatians 5:1 says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”  Exactly!  Forgiveness is the center of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is the most powerful and liberating force in the universe and the most powerful and liberating experience a human being can experience.

We will celebrate the love and forgiveness of God this Sunday.  We will taste and see the love and forgiveness of God through the communion celebration.  We will witness the forgiveness of God together as we who are many, have become one in Christ Jesus – a community covered with the love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness of God.

See you Sunday!! 

Pastor Mark

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Give Us This Day



This week we kick off our June activities – plenty of opportunity to make connections with your neighbors and with your friends, and church brothers and sisters.  Three opportunities for fun, food, and fellowship.

Wednesday June 14th6:00pm Kickoff BBQ with some creek cleanup in partnership with Wellman Condo Community just across Wellman Ditch.  Come for a potluck meal to kick off the evening and some community creek cleanup.

Friday June 16th, join us at the Brewing Market in Lafayette at Espresso Vino, near Arapahoe and 95th as the Pearl Street Prophets roll out some more music.  Last time they worked the the first time kinks and jitters, now they are ready to roll!  The music starts at 6:30pm and will go ’til 9:00pm.  Food and drinks will be available in abundance.  Bring your family, friends and neighbors for a fun evening out on the town.  Be there to kick it off in style at 6:30pm and stay as long as you like.

Sunday June 18ththe Freedom Tour pedals through town.  This ride has become a tradition of raising awareness and funds for an important cause in our state and community.  This year the Freedom Tour is highlighting the tragedy of Human Trafficking and ways to combat this horrible practice in our community.  Join the team of 15 riders who are biking from North to South border of Colorado for this cause.  We will share a meal together at 5:30pm followed by a presentation.

Further details for all these events are below.

This Sunday in corporate worship, we continue our journey through the teaching of Jesus on how to pray.  Our focus will be Matthew 6:11, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Every word in this phrase gives insight into the power of this prayer.  Read it several times and put an emphasis on a different word.  For example, Give us this day our daily bread.  And again, Give us this day our daily bread.  Reflect on the understanding that comes from the varied emphasis on different words in the phrase.  What insights do you experience?

Can’t wait to unpack this one with you on Sunday – May God fill you will everything and anything that need for this day.  No need to worry about tomorrow either, God is already there too.

This Saturday, there is a cleanup scheduled at Maya Rogers home, see details below.

This Sunday we will be having a congregational meeting immediately after the worship service for electing our new deacons, report on our ministry goals for this coming summer and year, and a review/approval of the recommended budget for the new fiscal year.

See you Sunday!! 

Pastor Mark     

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