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Jesus is Lord! Authority: From Teaching to the Demonic, Sickness, and Nature

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We are back on track with Matthews account of Jesus life and teachings this Sunday.  We will be taking a look at Chapter 8 of Matthew.  The Sermon on the Mount ends in chapter 7 with the words, “When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law.”

This is an important point Matthew is trying to make.  Jesus has authority.  There were certain things that the Jewish community was looking for to be demonstrated by the promised Messiah.  The Messiah was one who would come with authority.  And Matthew will now give several accounts of Jesus demonstration of authority in Chapter 8.

Read Chapter 8 in preparation for Sunday’s message: What areas does Jesus demonstrate authority in this series of episodes recorded by Matthew?  On Sunday, I will reveal the three areas of authority the Jewish understanding of the Messiah was to demonstrate.  Read Chapter 8 and you can’t miss them.  Matthew is making the strong case for Jesus as Messiah and LORD.
See you Sunday! 

Pastor Mark


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The Power of One

Blog banner with the image of a highway and the word: "Journey" for the study of the Book of Matthew.
Been burning the candle this week it seems.  Here is the weekly Email bright and early.

We have officially kicked off the fall ministry year at Crestview Church with a pancake breakfast blowout, a Profession of Faith celebration, and an outdoor service, even had a bouncy castle for the kids.  I’ve had this feeling all week, “Well… what now?”

Its similar to the feeling I get when anticipating a vacation, having the vacation, and then waking up on Monday morning to clock into work.  It’s similar to training for a big race, actually racing, and then 2-4 days later getting on the bike and saying to myself, “What am I doing this for?”  Its similar to celebrating a birthday and thinking, “Is anything really any different?”

This Sunday is self-proclaimed mission/vision Sunday.  Every fall (September) and every New Year (January) we will have a message at Crestview that reorients us to purpose.  It helps us answer the questions, “Why do we exist and what is Crestview all about?”  “Why follow Jesus and what does it mean and look like?”

I would like to take a week to address the answer to these questions by taking a closer look at discipleship.  In our study of Matthew, Jesus is calling disciples to himself – people who will follow him.  He is calling people to live for and live in the Kingdom of God.  For us today, what does that mean?

I want to get a little bit more specific on Sunday to answer these questions in the context of Crestview Church.  How does discipleship and following Jesus take on real meaning and tangible participation at Crestview church?

The Power of One.  I’m going to invite you and challenge you in one worship, one ‘going deeper’, one service, and one engagement in ‘neighboring’.  We will be celebrating communion this Sunday as a family of faith as well.
See you Sunday! 

Pastor Mark