The following videos are my personal reflections on the integration of faith and life from my perspective in light of my life experiences.  Much of the commentary is personal with weavings of scripture from time to time.  The filming isn’t professional in quality, nor does the commentary flow like good poetry.  Maybe someone can find something meaningful in it for themselves.  Mark Quist  

One thing I miss is being able to give and hear God’s blessing to each and every one of you in person when we are in worship together.  In the meantime, hear this blessing in song for you.  May the Lord bless you and keep you today and always.  Pastor Mark

Wisdom From Abe Lincoln (45 s)

Wisdom from the Amish Culture (45 s)

‘When Jesus saw the crowds…’ is an amazing line in the Gospel of Matthew.  Jesus sees every one of us, the hurried and worried, the distracted and the distraught, the wayward and the self-righteous, the sick and the healthy.  So what does he do?  He announces “The Kingdom of God has come.”  He gives the invitation, “Follow me!”  And then sits on a hillside as his disciples gather around him, and the crowds gather around them and he begins to teach them (us)… More than that, he shows them (us)… There are three clips of the Sermon on the Mount: ‘Come Follow Me!’ (Matthew 5-7)

Reflection for the week of April 23: Sermon on the Mount Part 2 Come Follow Me!
Reflection for week of April 16: Sermon on the Mount Part 1 Come Follow Me!

Reflection for week of April 6, 2020: Holy Week: Prayer, Fasting and Lament

We have entered into Holy Week 2020 during a significant, challenging time in our world’s recent history.  As we and our world continue to grapple with the reality of COVID-19, it is a call to prayer, fasting, and LAMENT for God’s people.  On this coming Good Friday, we are joining churches around the world and the entire Christian Reformed denomination to a Day of Fasting and Prayer.  
Jesus once again shows us the way of LAMENT.  Biblical Lament has four movements: 

  • 1st, CRY OUT to God: Why?  How Long?
  • 2nd, ASK GOD for what is needed: Petition Him!
  • 3rd, Acknowledge and speak TRUST in God.
  • 4th, make a VOW TO PRAISE.  

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Reflection for the week of April 1, 2020: The Gift of Neighbors and Neighborhood

The Gift of Neighbors and the Blessing of Neighborhood. As the challenge of COVID-19 grows around the world and here at home, the connection of neighbors has been a gift – those who are close – those who are nearby. There is a song being sung, a poem being written – behind, underneath, and above the sorrow and chaos of this outbreak. If we listen, we will be able to hear it. If we pay attention, we will be able to participate in it. Do you have 11 minutes?

Reflection 3/25/2020: Seeing The Long View

In this time of myopic focus on the COVID-19 virus (necessary), it’s good to peek our heads above the clouds and see the long view. There is much to learn and understand from our present situation (and it will be a while before it’s known.).  While God has narrowed our focus on the day to day happenings of our life and world, I think in the midst of it, he encourages us to look up and see the long view. Wisdom literature in the Bible does that for me. It gives me the long view in times of trouble. The Lord of all History probably has the best vantage point, ya think? So here is a reflection from Ecclesiastes 3:1-14. It comes in 3 points: There is a time for everything (guess that includes COVID-19), He makes everything beautiful in His time, and there is nothing better for a person to do than be content and do good. Sounds like good medicine perspective in the midst of our shared COVID-19 experiences.

Reflection 3/19/2020: God’s Word Arrives Just at the Right Time

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