Welcome to Crestview video. Our Video Gallery is our eclectic hodgepodge of videos and Pastor Mark’s Reflections is Mark’s communications of hope and Biblical grounding, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. He records these with a GoPro doing what he loves best: hiking, biking and taking in the great outdoors. As Pastor Mark continues to create these reflections, we at Crestview hope they will speak peace and comfort to your heart while we navigate together the coronavirus. The Lord is our Rock and ever-present Help in need.

GoPro Video: Paster Mark's Reflections

The following video’s are my personal reflections on the integration of faith and life from my perspective in light of my life experiences.  Much of the commentary is personal with weavings of scripture from time to time.  The filming isn’t professional in quality, nor does the commentary flow like good poetry.  Maybe someone can find something meaningful…

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Video Gallery

Welcome to the Crestiview Church Video Gallery where our videos are created in house by our creative staff team for worship, creative event endeavors and for fun. We also like to post videos from the many gatherings and outings we do as a church family and with neighbors and friends. We also like to share…

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