From Pastor Mark:

We have decided to continue our outdoor worship until the weather makes that unfeasible.  Thank you for making our outdoor worship safe and well attended.  We welcome you to join our gatherings on Sunday mornings on the church lawn at 9:30am.  In the meantime, we have a ministry team working on guidelines for a possible move to indoor worship at Crestview when the weather turns.  This team will be bringing its recommendations to the leadership with adherence to the latest state, federal, and city guidelines on COVID-19.  Stay tuned!

Information about Children’s Ministry during Covid 19
Information about Youth Ministry during Covid 19

Any questions concerning ministries at Crestview Church during the Coronavirus Pandemic contact: Pastor Mark Quist

Message Series Starting May 9: Minor Prophets

May 9: Minor Prophet? Hosea: A Living Parable of God’s Love, Pastor Mark, Bk of Hosea
May 16: Joel: God’s Compassion and Faithful Love, Pastor Mark, Bk of Joel
May 23: Amos: God’s Judgment and Hope, Pastor Mark, Bk of Amos
May 30: Obadiah: God’s Humbling of the Proud and Lifting Up of the Humble, Pastor Mark, Bk of Obadiah
Jun 6: Guest Speaker
Jun 13: Jonah: God’s concern for all people, Pastor Mark, Bk of Jonah
Jun 20: Micah: God’s Justice and Righteousness, Pastor Mark, Bk of Micah
Jun 27: Nahum: God’s Justice and Will Avenge, Pastor Mark, Bk of Nahum
Jul 4: Guest Speaker
Jul 11: Habakkuk: God’s Goodness and Power in Trouble, Pastor Mark, Bk of Habakkuk
Jul 18: Zephaniah: God’s Call to Holiness and Repentance, Pastor Mark, Bk of Zephaniah
Jul 25: Haggai: God’s Honor and Sovereignty in All Things, Pastor Mark, Bk of Haggai
Aug 1: Zachariah: God’s Encouragement and Restoration, Pastor Mark, Bk of Zachariah
Aug 8: Malachi: Do not Neglect God’s Ways, Instead, Prepare for His coming, Pastor Mark, Bk of Malachi
Aug 15: Guest Speaker

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