hurley-and-meJackie LaMaire was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI by her loving father (Randy) and sister (Michelle). She received Bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Art from Central Michigan University. Upon graduation, she moved to Arizona and earned a Master of Education degree. Her interest in education and diversity led to her teaching K-12 in South Korea from 2012-2013. Today, Jackie calls Boulder home sweet home and works at the University of Colorado Boulder, leads Children’s ministry at Crestview, and runs a dog & house-sitting company.

Jackie’s passion for children’s ministry stems from her desire to share God’s love, and the energy and smiles of youth. Growing up, she loved going to VBS, singing songs in church, and Habitat for Humanity trips with youth group. In high school, she volunteered at JOY Youth Center as a tutor, mentor, cook, and friend. Still today, she uses her Extreme Teen Bible, a gift from Judy Van Allen, her best friend’s mother. In her spare time, she enjoys: hiking with friends, playing with dogs, baking bundt cakes, and talking on the phone daily with her sister or father. “This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you,” John 15:12.

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