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OLH: Confirming Our Call and Election

Confirming Our Call and Election
2 Peter 1

Our journey through the letter of 1st Peter has been so good!  Continues to resonate.  So if there is a 1st Peter, there must be a 2nd, and there is!  So we go from good to challenging in 1st Peter, to 2nd Peter, “I wish you would?!”  So we will.

3 weeks for 3 chapters.  Some text for this Sunday from 2nd Peter 1 with some of my slight paraphrasing to have the connections flow, “Through faith in Jesus, because of Jesus, God’s divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life (which is…) to participate in the divine nature and escaping the world’s corruption caused by evil desires.  (So here is what to do) Make every effort to add to faith – goodness, to goodness – knowledge, to knowledge – self-control, to self-control – perseverance, to perseverance – godliness, to godliness – mutual affection, to mutual affection – love. 

Whoever increases in these things is effective and productive, bringing God glory.  Whoever doesn’t is near-sighted, even blind.  One remembers God’s love and lives it out.  The other forgets God’s love and doesn’t.  

Which do you want to be?  
Got Jesus?  
Get on with it :).

See you Sunday, 2nd Peter 1, 
   Pastor Mark