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OLH: Living for God

OLH: Living for God
1 Peter 4:1-11

Sunday is Reformation Sunday, a day of celebrating the most important things: Salvation in Jesus by Grace alone, through Faith alone, in Jesus alone, standing on the Word of God alone, all for the Glory of God alone.  When Luther rediscovered the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and became vocal with his objections to the abuses of the day, a reformation movement began.  Are we in need of reformation today?  In what ways? If in doubt, watch the news.  If in denial, look around to your city and neighborhood.  And if still unsure, look within.  

Peter speaks much about re-formation in his letter.  We continue Sunday with 1 Peter 4:1-11.  When it comes to re-formation, Peter says, “Be alert, of sober mind, so that you may pray… and love each other deeply, serve others!”  He also says what not to do :).  

God is in the re-forming business and calls us to engage in re-formation, having the ‘same attitude as Jesus.  See you Sunday,
    Pastor Mark