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OLH: Living Godly Lives in a Pagan Society

OLH: Living Godly Lives in a Pagan Society
1 Peter 2:11-17

‘Cornerstone’, like ‘newborn babies crave pure spiritual milk’, being ‘built up into a spiritual house’, ‘all people are like grass’, ‘refined by fire’, ‘a holy nation, royal priesthood’.  Peter is giving us much to ponder with all of the images, word pictures, metaphors and comparisons.  

At the center of it all is identity in Christ, of being made holy and being called to holiness.  Where Peter goes next in describing what this looks like in everyday life, he goes where few dare to tread, he is a courageous man.  

He opens this new section addressing us as friends and then quickly calls us foreigners and exiles.  Calls us ‘to abstain from sinful desires, living good lives among the pagans.’  He follows this up with calling us to submit to every human authority, including emperors and governors, even as pagan authorities.

I would imagine this kind of instruction may ‘trigger’ some.  It certainly raises lots of questions for me.  On Sunday, in humility, we will open God’s word together.  One thing I love about Scripture is that when we come to a difficult text, it doesn’t stand alone.  It stands in context and in concert with all of Scripture.  Meaning, Scripture interprets Scripture.   In preparation, meditate and reflect on 1 Peter 2:11-17.   

See you Sunday,
   Pastor Mark