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OLH: Be Holy (Become What You Are)

OLH: Be Holy (Become What You Are)
1 Peter 1:22-2:3

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, a couple of weeks ago, I shared with you from the heart, what has captured my heart, the Gospel of Jesus Christ – of a Living Hope-Hope for a Living Hope-Life.  As we began the letter of 1st Peter, this life giving Gospel centered life is described as being a Christ centered life.  And for Peter, this Christ centered life is found in two profound Christ centered realities – the cross and an empty tomb.  So it follows that a Christ centered life is realized in a cross centered and empty tomb centered life in Christ.  This is where we find and engage a Living Hope-Hope for a Living Hope Life.  

Peter began his letter with the reality of our identity in Christ, and it’s grounded in the cross and the empty tomb.  And he starts describing from the opening words what this means, how this has happened, and why we are to live in holiness.  Yet, once we hear the word holiness, we seem to get confused. 

Holiness is not a word that carries much weight or influence in our culture today.  At least I haven’t heard anyone speak or discuss ‘holiness’ in conversation in… can’t remember how long because it’s been that long.  Why is this?  Peter speaks much about it, making it a central reality for those who are ‘in Christ.’  So what can we learn from Peter’s letter to the church, to us?  Much… 

See you Sunday,
    Pastor Mark