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Praise to God our Living Hope for a Living Hope

Praise to God our Living Hope for a Living Hope
1 Peter 1:1-12

We are off on a new adventure in a new book of the Bible that talks about a new birth leading to a new life – and it’s all wrapped up in a Living Hope-Hope leading us to Living-Hope Living. Yes, I did come up with this Living Hope tongue twister.  Go ahead, try it as fast as you can 3x’s in a row!

1st and 2nd Peter, two books written by the disciple of Jesus, focus on emphasizing our Living Hope, who is Jesus Christ.  This Living Hope covers our past, enlivens our present, and leads us toward a future hope.  Entering into this Living Hope life is glorious, wonderful and life changing.  Yet, Peter reminds us of Jesus’ own words and the reality that entering into this Living Hope will come with its life challenges. 

This is nothing to be feared, yet has everything to do with faithful following.  In the opening verses of 1 Peter (1:1-12), Peter emphasizes identity in Christ, acknowledges the reality of suffering, calls us to praise in the midst of it all, as well as, and most pointedly, to endurance in living faithfully.  

It’s going to be a great start to a new series of messages and worship services based on 1st and 2nd Peter.  Read the opening verses (1 Peter 1:1-12) for Sunday prep and this weekends meditation.  Where does Paul emphasize identity?  How does he acknowledge suffering?  Is it possible to praise God in suffering?  And where and how does Peter link Living Hope-Hope to Living Hope-Living?  

See you Sunday, looking forward to gathering together before God, in his name of Jesus, in the posture of humility, seeking clarity, leading to integrity and courage in following Jesus faithfully,

To him be the glory both now and forever, 
      Pastor Mark