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Bible ‘Shorts’: 2nd & 3rd John

Bible ‘Shorts’: 2nd & 3rd John
Real Love, Real Action

1st, 2nd, and 3rd John speak much about the relationship between Truth and Love.  It’s an age-old quandary for every human being: What is the relationship between the two?  How do they work together?

John grounds the relationship between truth and love in the person of Jesus.  Interestingly, he grounds the unity of these two wedded realities (truth and love) in the belief of Jesus being fully human and fully God.  Interesting.  How does Jesus being fully human and fully divine relate to the living out of truth and love in wedded harmony? John recounts the ways of relationship – forgiveness of sins, saved for service (love and obedience to God’s commands), the list goes on.  

In understanding the relationship between love and truth, I found these core phrases helpful from a teaching of John Piper’s ministry, Desiring God: Truth aims at love… love aims at truth… love shapes how we speak and live the truth… truth shapes how we show love… much to ponder there.

I’m looking forward to Sunday, a national holiday weekend, to worship of God, fellowship with one another, and partnership in serving God.  Looking forward to hearing from 2nd (219 words) and 3rd (245 words) John for Sunday, the two shortest books/letters in the Biblical canon.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Mark