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Bible ‘Shorts’: The Book of Titus

Bible ‘Shorts’: The Book of Titus
Do good, do good, do good… because, because, because

These Biblical ‘shorts’ of Philemon, Jude, and now Titus, are packed with powerful revelation.  I’m enjoying this journey into God’s Word as we listen together and sit at Jesus feet, engaged in the transformational truth of God’s Word.  Paul’s main point in the letter to Titus and the households of faith on the island of Crete is ‘Do good, do good, do good… because, because, because…’  From the opening verse, to the closing word, we are to ‘do good’ because we are ‘God’s servants, disciples/followers of Jesus Christ, God’s elect, called to truth and living productive lives.’  

So what does ‘doing good’ look like?  That is exactly what Paul unpacks for us in the other 44 verses of this short letter to Titus.  Does this ancient letter speaking to the people then, still speak today?  You bet it does… The Cretan reputation of Titus’ time was this, “All Cretans are liars, evil brutes and lazy gluttons”, and everyone knew it.  Paul speaks to the disorder and dishonesty of their cultural context, speaking directly to those who have committed their lives to Jesus.  He describes in vivid language, instruction and encouragement how God’s people, Jesus followers, are to be and do when it comes to ‘doing good.’  And this is quite counter cultural to the Cretan reputation and ‘creed’ of the Cretan culture.  

Good stuff for Sunday… may we never tire of ‘doing good’ in the name of Jesus, for the Glory of God.

Go ahead, I dare you.  Sit down between now and Sunday morning and read through the entire letter of Titus (if you can find it), it’s only 46 verses… 

See you Sunday!
   Pastor Mark