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Bible ‘Shorts’: The Book of Philemon

Bible ‘Shorts’: The Book of Philemon

From this Sunday until Advent season in December, we will explore in our messages some Biblical ‘shorts’.  It seems like ‘shorts’ are the things of fashion and communication today.  Just look at youtube… if you’re not careful, you could waste an entire evening or afternoon watching video short, after short, after short… These ‘shorts’ are addictive.    

The Bible has some ‘shorts’ too – the book of Philemon, Jude, 1st/2nd/3rd John, some would consider 1st/2nd Peter as well.  So let’s do it – time to explore them further.  These Biblical ‘shorts’ range from just 1-5 chapters, and are often pushed aside to make room for other books of the Bible.  Yet, these books are packed with engaging contexts, terrific teaching, transformative applications for following Christ, and some trouble as well.  Though they are short in length and small in word count, they pack a powerful punch… 

1st up, this Sunday, the Book of Philemon.  Only one chapter, you can do this, come ready to listen and engage.  See you Sunday,
      Pastor Mark