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Esther Purim Spiel: God’s Call – What about me? You?

Esther Purim Spiel: God’s Call – What about me? You?
Esther Purim

God’s word is ‘alive and active.’ (Hebrews) The one who meditates on it and walks in it – flourishes (Psalm 1).  All of God’s word is ‘God-breathed.’ (1 Timothy) 

As we conclude our series on the Book of Esther, how is the Spirit of God bringing his truth and transformation to your life?  At the crux of Esther’s story, we heard key phrases, such as, “If you remain silent…”, “Who knows that you have become queen for such a time as this?” and “I will go to the king, though against the law.  If I perish, I perish.”  I asked last week, in light of some key phrases from Esther, “What is God leading you to ‘be, say, and do’?  

During service Sunday, we will enter into a Purim spiel (a play of sorts), based on the story of Esther.  After our service, and a brief time of fellowship, we will have the opportunity to share with one another, listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit that have bubbled to the surface during the past few weeks.

See you Sunday,