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Colossians: The Vision and Mission of God for God’s People (Mother’s Day)

Colossians: The Vision and Mission of God for God’s People (Mother’s Day)
Colossians 1:24-2:5

As we walk through the text of the letter to the Colossians, we are seeking to grow in faith and better learn how to walk out the text in our lives in ‘walking as Jesus walked.’ (1 John 2:6). As we journey along, we will be looking at the historical and cultural context of the time of the letter’s writing and it’s recipients.  As we do this, we will also be attempting to bridge the gap between the ‘then and there’ to the ‘here and now.’   

In Colossians, Paul passionately presents Jesus as the fullness of God revealed to us and that in Jesus we can grow up into all the fullness of God.  It’s really quite cool.  And the context of Paul’s letter historically and culturally is one where relativism abounds.  For Sunday prep, search for definitions of relativism in print or web resources.  And we will talk about it together Sunday.  

Paul gives us a great definition for ‘maturity.’  And it is the goal in following Jesus to grow up into maturity in Christ.  But just as with our growing from infant to toddler to childhood to teenager – growing up can be challenging, sometimes resisted, and even unwanted.  Do you want to become mature in Jesus?  (I hope so… I think I do?!)

Text for Sunday, May 14th (Day of our Lord), Mothers Day 2023 (Year of our Lord): Colossians 1:24-2:5, The Vision and Mission of God for God’s People.

  See you Sunday,
     In Him,
        Pastor Mark